El Crucero - Colombia

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Taste: Passion fruit, wild berries, candy
This exciting coffee is produced by Ana Mustafá, a young coffee producer based in Pereira, Colombia. Mustafá family owns and operates five coffee farms all together. El Crucero is a produce from their three coffee farms based in Pereira, Risaralda.

This lot is semi-washed and what Ana refers to as fed-batch processing. The coffee cherries for this lot are picked every day for three days and left to ferment in a fermentation tank in layers. The first days picking is in the bottom and every day for three days they add another layer of fresh coffee cherries on top. The fermentation is controlled and after the process the coffee is washed. This process yields an interesting and crazy fruity and clean cup. With just enough funk.

This coffee is from Fruktt roaster's partner LaREB (La Real Expedición Botánica) in Colombia.

We found this coffee to be very bright and crazy fruity. Tasting candy-like sweet with notes of passion fruit and wild berries. Sirupy mouthfeel paired with bright and bubbly apple-like acidity.

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