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but it is not only a place, it is a mood

We used to often find ourselves searching for a coffee house where we could come with any intentions. Whether it is to catch up with friends, working, studying or just dive in a good book and lost track of time, we can always think of the place. That was what we had in mind when we design the seatings, place a plant or add a decorative items in Papu. 

Papu Cafe is a proud resident of Kruununhaka (or Krunikka). Located on Mariankatu and surrounded by historic buildings, we just love being in a neighborhood with distinc feelings of quiet and calm. We would like to make Papu the living room of Kruununhaka, cozy, homey and filled with home made treats. 

We also dedicate our space to showcase the artworks of local artists. Each month, Papu Galleria holds new art exhibition of a new artist. 


“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?"

Papu was founded in 2015 and has been ran on passion for specialty coffee ever since. Crafting a good cup coffee is the core of the Papu experience. We like to connect and participate in a network of like-minded coffee enthusiasts to constantly learn and practice. The coffee beans we used are locally sourced from Finnish roasters and our brewing methods are consulted by professionals. To us, Papu is not only a place to serve people coffee but also where we get inspired by brewing.

Ground Coffee


It's what's on the inside that counts

Our kitchen is little but it is filled with big passion for food. Next to our house baked treats, we offer daily's specials and big hunger. Our recipes are rooted from our Asian heritage and usually cross with different cuisines. They are freshly made everyday and with seasonal ingredients. Our flavour is familiar and comforting but at the same time exciting and surprising. 

On weekends we offer brunches or it might be a pop up event full of surprises. 

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